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Who is Dawn Lambros?

A tech geek, WordPress hound, developer, trainer, SEO (search engine) wiz, content provider, rainmaker, gamer girl, and sports junkie who loves to cook 😀

I’ve been in the technology for many years, in particular web and app design. I continue to look for the latest and greatest tech around, while mixing technology with art as much as possible!  I’m pretty handy with Photoshop and love creating cool graphics for print and websites. I also LOVE working with WordPress, which has become an even greater design palette for me.

In recent years I became certified in a Harvard copyright law class, via EdX and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, a newly developed Harvard Law School program, which I attended online. It was REALLY hard, but was an incredible experience.  I met some amazing people along the way!  So, I guess I can safely say I am a Harvard graduate!  Well, not exactly, but kinda 🙂 It’s pretty cool in any case, and I use the education I received from Harvard Online in my every day work.

In addition to technology and intellectual property law, I also have a background in real estate and am a published author. I write about business, technology, real estate, self-help, fundraising, and other topics.  In addition, I write content for many of my clients covering a myriad of subjects, industries and fields of expertise.

Very soon, I will be launching a series of videos and workshops on the use of WordPress and other technologies my company is creating. So make sure to check back soon and often!

Other details about me… I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA (City of the Angels), married to the love of my life, and together he and I have worked in the technology field for many years.  We are both so fortunate to have blended our business and personal lives together, which is a rare gift.

That’s my story!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Be sure to check this website often for updates!  It will be changing rapidly 🙂


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